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Conservative style comedy


In the times when our nation is split in two - sense of humor is a must. Especially when liberals give us so many reasons to laugh. 

One thing is for sure: To conservatives - wisdom comes with age. To liberals - age comes alone.

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Not for easily offended


I have seen few presidents in my life but never my country was so divided. Media did its job, it actually overdid it. We will fix the brainwashed. We will do our best. Don't worry liberals. It's gonna be all right.

Facts do not care about your feelings.



We are not your Political adviser. 

But we will make sure you smile more often. With no collusion and no obstruction!

But hey, if you are a really, really, really good person - vote Democrat! Its easier than getting a job!

cia (conservative illegal aliens) band

We present you the "Deplorable Manifesto". Second music video by SMR.news own CIA band.

Kickstarter for the rest of the CD is coming soon, back us up!  

Chapters and parts


Breaking News.

Your weekly news from a little bit different angle. In a very old fashion way. And nothing bad about our POTUS. We like the guy, OK?


Pessimists anonymous club

And if you think your life is meaningless, think about hundreds of millions following Kardashians on Instagram. 


Talking points... scratch... Smoking Joints.

If you think that when you are having a bad day no one cares about you... Well - you are so wrong... 

No one cares about you any given day!

Open letter

Open letter to Democratic leaders of USA

smr.news music Videos

Horel California 2019, is about growinf homeless population in Los Angeles.

smaller chapters

I rest my case...


There are some things, you can not explain to people. They either get it or not... 

Survival manual for conservatives in California.


Survival kit. You will get hated, ignored and despised...You will lose you job, house and girlfriend. Run! Hide in a closet guys. And let this thought keep you warm: TRUMP 2020!

Cholesterol lovers club.


Not for vegans. Not for vegetarians either. Because we know: some plants do eat animals... Please do not try at home if you are alone.

SMR.news episode 1

Check out this great video

SMR.news episode 2 teaser

First teaser for SMR show

Climate change is trending

If you are reading this anywhere after 2015, you are dead, according to Al Gore's prediction. And the world will end in 2030, according to today's Democrats. Stop making mortgage payments! Run!

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additions to the show

On a serious note

This section appears at the end of every show. And this is the only part of SMR where we do not laugh.

Interview with a guest.

Celebrity guests appearance is a normal routine for SMR. Questions you want to ask politicians and actors you can email us in advance.

Checking people's IQ.

Citizens of the country and residents of state!

You have been brainwashed enough! Stop watching the news! Let's do an IQ check. 

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